cbse vs icse

CBSE vs ICSE: Which board is better for your child and why ?

  I won’t tell you which one is better than which, Instead I’ll let you know the difference and you can decide it for yourself. Each board is unique from the point of view of their functionality, curriculum, abilities and standards. Governed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), a non-government, private[…]

Importance of ncert books

Importance of NCERT Books for CBSE Exam, UPSC and IAS

  Choosing between various books and notes can be confusing at times, especially when appearing for competitive exams. It is really important to choose good books so that all the concepts needed for exam are covered as well as in easy to understand manner. Most Teachers believe that NCERT Books are one of the best[…]

Importance of summer tutoring

The Importance of Summer Tutoring

  Many parents and students strongly believe that summer is a time for a complete mental break from the rigors of school. While it is important to take breaks to improve performance, summer is too long a break to allow students to go without academic stimulation! The consequences of this downtime can be pretty detrimental,[…]

Last Minute Exam Tips

6 Last Minute Tips for the Day of the Exam

  So you’ve come all the way and tomorrow is finally the big day, the day of the exam. You are tired, stressed and counting down how many hours you have left, before you will be in the exam room… Well,Relax! There is no need to panic! Here are some of my best Pre-exam tips,[…]

why you need Private Math Tutor

Why do I need a Private Home Tutor for My Child?

  It is a fact that increasing Competition and Technological advancements have transformed the education scenario of India, today. With the passage of times, the academic arena is getting all the more competitive and complex. Every child is now expected to perform well to shine brightly in their own career. These days even premier educational[…]


Must read books for Aspiring Mathematicians

  Mathematics is awesome. It has been one of the main driving forces behind human society. It powers all of today’s technology and underpins almost every aspect of our daily lives. We use Computer, Mobile or other electronic devices daily. All of them need Mathematics to function. Ultimately, without math, how would you be reading[…]