6 Last Minute Tips for the Day of the Exam

Last Minute Tips for Exam

So you’ve come all the way and tomorrow is finally the big day, the day of the exam.
You are tired, stressed and counting down how many hours you have left, before you will be in the exam room...

Well,Relax! There is no need to panic!

Here are some of my best Pre-exam tips, which are scientifically proven to increase your performance:

Get Your Stuff Ready for the Morning
Make sure you have all the materials that you’re taking into the test ready.
If a laptop or calculator is allowed, have it on the charger. Have more than one pencil or pen in hand. Pack a bottle of water and/or some candy for the nervous dry-mouth that can set in before an exam.

Gather all your stuff together and have it ready to go the night before.Knowing you have everything you need, will make you feel calmer and well-prepared.

Set the Alarm
Set an alarm. Set two.
Get a family member or friend to check you're up, if you're still worried. Just make sure you get to the exam in plenty of time.

Don’t pull an All-Nighter – Ever
If you do just one thing, this is it: get enough sleep, the night before your exam.
Sleep, particularly deep sleep, is critical for memory formation. Our brains are at their best when they are rested. If you sit for an exam while exhausted, you will have a much harder time recalling the information you need, to earn a high score.

Make it a practice to get a good night’s rest after any intense day of learning and studying, as that will help your brain to retain as much information as possible.

Eat a well balanced Breakfast
Breakfast is the meal we are most likely to skip, yet it’s the most important one. Research shows that students who eat breakfast, do significantly better in exams than those who don’t.

A well balanced breakfast should include necessary vitamins as well as keep you energized and full. Make a quick protein shake or smoothie if you’re pressed for time.

Know when to Stop
In the morning, go over your most important facts before you leave the house. Then again on the way to the exam.
When you arrive at the exam hall, stop using your brain. If you don’t know your stuff by now, you never will!

Too much last minute cramming, minutes before, can send your brain into a spin.

Budget your Time
Check how much each question counts towards your final mark and spend time on each answer accordingly.
If you have a choice to write your answers in any order, do the easy ones first to build up your confidence.

Finally, everyone is different.
Some people like to be on their own around exams, others blare motivational music from their earphones. Maybe you're someone who likes to wear their shiniest pair of high heels for luck.

Do whatever puts you in the best frame of mind and you'll be set up perfectly, to ace the exam.

Good luck for your exams!