Importance of NCERT Books for CBSE Exam, UPSC and IAS

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Choosing between various books and notes can be confusing at times, especially when appearing for competitive exams. It is really important to choose good books so that all the concepts needed for exam are covered as well as in easy to understand manner.
Most Teachers believe that NCERT Books are one of the best books for CBSE Board. NCERT Books are also vital for various exams such as IAS, UPSC and many others.

Importance of NCERT Books:

Simple to read
NCERT Books are written in easy to understand language so that everyone can understand it. As these books are used by so many aspirants for various exams, it was needed to be easy to understand and so they are.

Detailed explanation of concepts
NCERT Books cover basics and fundamentals of all topics present in the syllabus. It also goes in great detail for particular important topics. So once you are thorough with all the topics in NCERT Books, you will be well prepared for your exam.
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Written by Experts
NCERT Books are written by experts in their field. Each topic is well researched and contributed by expert in that industry.

Available for FREE
All NCERT Books are available for FREE to download and read online. To read online you can visit NCERT official website and read whichever book you want for FREE.
To download NCERT Books for FREE - Click here : NCERT Books

Good for Various Exams
NCERT Books are recommended by government for CBSE Exams. NCERT Books can also be used by students appearing for UPSC and IAS Exams. There are many other exams which can be easily cleared by reading NCERT Books in detail.

Most of the Exam questions from NCERT Book
One of the main benefits of reading NCERT Books are that most of the questions in Board Exams are either taken directly from NCERT Books or are very similar to existing questions in the Book.

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