The Importance of Summer Tutoring

Importance of summer tutoring

Many parents and students strongly believe that summer is a time for a complete mental break from the rigors of school. While it is important to take breaks to improve performance, summer is too long a break to allow students to go without academic stimulation!
The consequences of this downtime can be pretty detrimental, especially for students who are prone to be unmotivated during the school year.

Some down time to do nothing but rest and relax is a great thing, don’t get me wrong!

But when this mental break turns from a few days into a few months, it can lead to huge learning loss. Research shows that it is common for students to lose 1-3 months of learning during the summer months. Few studies have also shown that students typically score lower on standardized tests after summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of summer.

Luckily there are a number of things a student can do with an Educa Academy's Maths Tutor, over the summer, to avoid any kind of learning loss. Just a couple of hours a week of one-on-one Math tutoring can completely transform their academic performance in the next academic year.

Here are just a few ways that working with a private tutor this summer can help the child:

Fill in the gap
Are there areas that your child is weaker in than others?
Math is considered to be one of the toughest subjects for students of all ages. Instead of putting learning issues on the back burner during the summer, hiring a tutor can allow you to take an active role in bridging the learning gap for your child.

Don’t wait for November to address problems! This will also reduce any anxiety your child might have about the upcoming school year.

Increase Confidence
Tutoring builds confidence that can last a lifetime. Too many students “hate math” because they do not feel confident or competent. Summer tutoring can break this vicious cycle.

Test Preparation
The art of taking a test is also a skill that needs to be taught. Tutors can teach test-preparation strategies and can go through practice papers with the student so that they can gain more confidence in exam situations. Tutors can also go through exams to see where students need improvement.

Easy transition into the new academic year
Did you know that at the beginning of a new school year teachers often spend up to 6 weeks re-teaching previously learned material because most kids have already forgotten it over the summer.
Math is generally a subject that suffers the most. Students also get out of the routine of solving and doing homework. Having an in-home tutor over the summer, will keep the student sharp and will make for a seamless transition into the new academic year.

At Educa Academy, we know that your summers are busy; family vacations, play dates, and camp schedules can make it difficult to plan for anything else. That’s why our tutors are flexible and willing to work with you and your child when planning sessions.

Contact Us today to make sure your child is fully supported over the summer and is confident upon entering the next academic year.

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